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How To Govern Anything: Ocean Government

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"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."--Albert Einstein

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."--Buckminster Fuller

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."--Dan Millman

"Somebody has to go sit in the British Museum again like Marx and figure out a new system; a new blueprint. Another century has gone, technology has changed everything completely, so it's time for a new utopian system."--Allen Ginsberg

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Choose to Discover and Learn--

  • How To Save the World?
  • Change the Systems that Run the World
  • How To Govern Better?
  • Use the New "Ocean Government" System

For a synopsis of the government system, click here.

In this "how to" book, discover the first new major government system to be developed in centuries, a form of government that also functions as its own think tank.

  • What system of government is better than democracy, socialism, and communism combined?
  • The New "Ocean Government" System
  • First Organic System for Releasing Intelligence

This "how to" book was many years in the making. Some lyrics in the song "Revolution" by the Beatles can be interpreted to mean that any revolution without a new plan is pointless. This interpretation challenged FitzMaurice to create a new and better plan for governments. The result he calls "Ocean Government". The excuses end now. For the right method to use to cause a revolution, visit For the right method to use to rule after the revolution, use this book.

Why fight to develop your own system to govern people, when you can save yourself the time and effort with a system that's easy to implement and use? Learn the Ocean Government system, and learn how to govern anything in the best possible way.

Ocean Government is advantageous for governing associations, countries, corporations, colleges, communes, co-operatives, clubs, churches, temples, institutions, schools, and organizations of any kind. Ocean Government will work for Communist States, Democracies, Dictatorships, Monarchies, Noocracies, Oligarchies, Presidential Republics, Parliamentary Republics, Socialist Republics, Theocracies, or any form of government.

It is simple to set up and easy to continue. There is every reason to switch to the Ocean Government system, and no reason not to give up antiquated systems of government. This book gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to institute the superior Ocean Government form of government today. The only financial cost to you is the cost of this book.

The Ocean Government system provides many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • equal representation of the governed
  • fair representation of the governed
  • greater adaptability of governmental systems
  • greater interest in government processes by the populace
  • greater participation by the governed
  • greater responsibility of the governed
  • greater responsiveness of government systems
  • higher functioning governmental systems
  • higher motivated populations
  • increased effectiveness and efficiency of governmental systems
  • less bureaucracy in government
  • less control by rich corporations
  • less control by special interest groups
  • less corruption in government
  • less disenfranchised populations
  • less expensive government
  • less injustice in government
  • less taxation of the governed
  • more belonging among the governed
  • more freedom of the governed
  • more human rights in the governed
  • more intelligent government
  • more money owned by the governed
  • more multiculturalism in government
  • more openness and transparency in government
  • more pride in government
  • more problem ownership by the governed
  • more promotion of the most fit to govern

These benefits are explored in greater detail at the end of the first chapter, but to sum them up: This system of government gets results that other systems don't, won't, and can't. It will be interesting to see which countries and forms of government adapt the Ocean Government first.

The complete system of government provided in this book includes all the necessary rules and procedures for running an Ocean Government system. You can use the government model as provided or modify it to suit your needs. Most will want to start with the basic system from this book and then continually modify that governmental model over time as experience and conscience warrant.

  1. The first chapter describes the Ocean Government system.
  2. The second chapter provides diagrams for the structure and design of the Ocean governing system.
  3. The third chapter explores details for the movement of government representatives.
  4. The fourth chapter presents explanations for the terms used in forming an Ocean Government.
  5. The fifth chapter supplies contributed models, suggestions, and additions you might wish to consider.

The metaphor and fundamental design element for the structure of Ocean Government is a river ending in the ocean. This structure is diagramed at every level to make it easy to understand, apply, and reference. You begin with springs feeding tributaries. You move to tributaries feeding streams and then to streams feeding rivers. Last, you arrive at rivers feeding the ocean. Finally, you reach a system of government that rewards intelligence, cooperation, and participation at every level.

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Discover how to run a corporation.
Discover how to run any kind or size
of organization or government better.

Choose How To Govern Anything

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